Specialty Camps

Bancroft Specialty camps give the opportunity to OWN YOUR ADVENTURE and explore what you are curious about. It is the ultimate way to try new and exciting things across Business & Leadership, STEM and the Arts. Plus you will have a lot of fun doing it!

Own Your Adventure

STEAM Squad @ Bancroft Summer

STEAM Squad  (Grades K-2)

Our grade K-2 campers will start each day creating masterpieces with a focus on color, shape, and MOTION, to get us jumping for joy!

Campers will complete works of art with real moving parts, creating the illusion of movement, and discovering art processes that use motion to get amazing results! Combine metal, wood, and paper to build Spinning Sculptures inspired by Calder, and design Stretchy Stained Glass art you can re-shape again and again. Sculpt goofy Clay Monsters, craft Bendy Paper Lizards, and paint Seascapes like Monet. Create Matisse Watercolor Banners, Fireworks Flower Pots, and Textured Tissue Paper art. Design Kaleidoscopes, Dancing Pasta Sculptures, and Scribble T-shirts. Draw zany self-portraits inspired by Silberzweig, and decorate Cupcake Boxes with fluffy frosting and sprinkles.

In the afternoons, our campers will step into the shoes of a rocket scientist and learn the fundamentals of flight, propulsion, and rocket design. We’ll have fun exploring astronomy and trying out various flight designs from hot air balloons to hovercrafts (and many more!) We’ll launch a real model rocket every day and kids will build and take home their own!

June 10th – 14th, 2024

Rising Grades K-2                                                                                                            

8:30am – 3:30pm                                                                                                                  

Cost: $475

STEAM Squad  (Grades 3-5)

Grade 3-5 campers begin the day by stepping into the shoes of a rocket scientist and learning the fundamentals of flight, propulsion, and rocket design. They’ll have fun exploring astronomy and trying out various flight designs from hot air balloons to hovercrafts (and many more!) They’ll launch a real model rocket every day and will build and take home their own!

In the afternoons, campers will take a journey to the farthest reaches of the imagination while learning about the ocean, the rainforest, Mars, a futuristic city, and more!

Campers will use the design thinking process to solve real-world problems in these different environments.  Experiment with many art techniques like sculpting, storyboarding, collage, and mix media. Discover design careers like graphic design, universal design, urban design, and product design.

June 10th – 14th, 2024

Rising Grades 3-5                                                                                                            

8:30am – 3:30pm                                                                                                                  

Cost: $475

Imagineers @ Bancroft Summer

If you can imagine it, you can create it!

Bancroft Summer’s Imagineers will dive deep into their imaginations using their creativity and sense of wonder in this STEAM centered program. 

Mornings will begin in the Art Studio alongside Bancroft’s beloved teacher Mr. Shepherd as they create wonderfully imaginative works of art that are unbound by the typical conventions of the real world. Combining sculpture, painting, drawing and collage, campers will bring to life works of art only they could dream of.

After lunch, campers will continue to let their imaginations run wild with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Building engineer-designed projects and using special pieces to create their own unique designs! We can’t wait for the campers to explore the endless creative possibilities of the LEGO® building system.

June 17th -21st, 2024   (no camp 6/19)

Rising Grades K-3                                                                                                            

9:00am – 4:00pm                                                                                                                  

Cost: $395

Unplugged @ Bancroft Summer

Let’s Unplug this Summer!

Bancroft Summer’s Unplugged program provides campers with a hands on opportunity to learn new skills, develop strategy, and practice positive social skills while “gaming” face to face with their peers.

Campers will start the day with Bash ’em Bots designing their own custom LEGO® bot ready to take on any challenge they may face! Campers will mix and match chassis designs using wheels, treads, or walking legs. Combining these with tools like drills, hammers, and battering rams as they refine their masterpiece by sparring with friends and overcoming obstacles. Applying real-world engineering and physics concepts to help campers bash and crash their way to victory!

Afternoons are filled learning & playing the classic game of Chess! With help from our partners at Chess Wizards, campers will  experience interactive chess curriculum, and improve their skills at all experience levels.

Campers will also get to participate in some exciting physical activities, drawing from quintessential camp games and introducing fun strategy-themed games, healthy snacks, camp awards (and swag!) and more!

June 17th -21st, 2024   (no camp 6/19)

Rising Grades 3-6                                                                                                            

9:00am – 4:00pm                                                                                                                  

Cost: $395

Codemoji @ Bancroft Summer


In Codemoji‘s Creative Coding, students will learn the basics of coding and computer science as they are immersed in STEM activities. Students will collaborate to program robots to complete tasks, work with emojis as they dive into the Codemoji platform, and participate in offline unplugged coding activities and games. Throughout the program, students will design a website and learn to utilize their newly acquired coding skills to advance through interactive lessons. The Codemoji program will challenge your students as they advance through HTML, CSS, and JS coding basics and will promote the desire to continue their coding learning outside of the classroom!

July 15th – 19th, 2024

Rising Grades 1-3

8:45am – 3:30pm

Cost: $495


Codemoji’s Code It program’s mission is simple: teach students to enjoy all things related to coding and the web while building problem-solving and creative thinking skills. Our teachers deliver clear and entertaining instruction to ensure students have fun while learning complex coding skills using emojis that represent HTML text, which lowers the barriers to new coders and increases their excitement and understanding of computer science. Students build animations, websites, and video games; explore multiple coding languages; program robots; create STEM-based projects both on and offline, and are encouraged to share their projects when they get home. Students also work with interactive circuit boards to understand the basics of currents and work with their teacher to build a handful of fun hands-on projects.

July 22nd – 26th, 2024

Rising Grades 3-5

8:45am – 3:30pm

Cost: $495


Does your student want to learn more about how video games work? In Game On!, students will take their skills to the next level while learning about coding basics.

During the week, students will be introduced to coding languages and how game animations are made while utilizing theirnew knowledge to create mini-games including “Shark Eats Fish”, “Treasure Hunt,” and more!

July 29th – Aug 2nd, 2024                           

Rising Grades3-5

8:45am – 3:30pm

Cost: $495

Drobots @ Bancroft Summer


Get ready to pitch, yaw, roll and thrust around the Drone Arena in this exhilarating camp program! Throughout the week, campers will enjoy one of the world’s fastest growing sports, Drone Racing.  Campers will first learn about the basic safety of drone flying before fine-tuning their hand-eye coordination and free fly the drone advancing through skills challenges.

Each day, “flight squads” post up against one another in friendly competition as they race agains not only one another, but also the clock. Pilots will first maneuver the drone through creative yet compact obstacle courses before taking on the challenge of flying for speed.  There is a creative component to this camp program, as flight squads will create the course design and then, help build the obstacle course in preparation for the last day’s final activities Drone Olympic competition!

August 5th – 9th, 2024                                              

Rising Grades 5-8

9:00am – 3:00pm

Cost: $575


This camp introduces the enjoyment of flying drones to the real world application of learning how to use drones in emergency response situations. This is an action-packed and creative program where campers will participate in fun, yet realistic role-playing missions while they attempt to outsmart and out-maneuver the opposing team. Flight squads will work together conducting mock search and rescue challenges – all in a safe and friendly competitive environment. 

Campers will certainly earn their wings, take pride, and gain confidence with each assignment.  

August 12th – 16th, 2024                                                 

Rising Grades 2-5                                                        

9:00am – 3:00pm                                                            

Cost: $575

Musical Theater @ Bancroft Summer

Musical Theater

Join us for a two-week musical theater camp perfect for students interested in learning more about musical stage productions. The group will play theatre games, explore costume design, work together to create a set, practice choreography, and learn new songs.

Participants will conduct full stage performances for family, friends, and fellow Bancroft Summer Campers!

JUNE 17TH – JUNE 28TH, 2024

(no camp 6/19)                                 

Rising Grades 3-10                                                                  9:00am – 2:00pm                                                                      Cost: $695

Leap Day

Inspired by the short story “The Days of the Week” by Hans Christian Andersen.

Every Leap Day, the Days of the Week have a day off and celebrate with a huge party at the House of Father Time. However, this Leap Day, nothing goes as planned. The Days feel overworked, demanding an 8th day be added to the week. Tuesday and Friday’s friendship is not what it used to be. And Mother Nature makes a surprising appearance which puts everyone on edge!

Links to the songs from the show, production photos, and more information can be found here!

Junior Vet School @ Bancroft Summer

Junior Vet School

Do you dream of becoming a veterinarian? Grab your lab coat, animal lovers, as we learn about our favorite furry, flying and fishy friends! Make amazing animal models, build big bones and investigate animal intestines from our favorite vertebrates: birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish. Dissect an owl pellet to discover a predator’s diet. Try your hand at at catching some invertebrates as we study insect exoskeletons and get into tiny worlds to look at animal cells and parasites!

Campers also learn the types of jobs available to veterinarians, design their own Vet clinic and obtain their Graduation diploma!

Session 1: July 15-19, 2024
Session 2: July 29th – Aug 2nd, 2024                      

Rising Grades K-4


Cost: $475

Garden to Table @ Bancroft Summer

Garden to Table

Do you love to cook, garden, or just eat a delicious meal made with love? Then Garden to Table is the camp for you! Campers will learn about the beauty, science, and fun of getting their hands in the soil, growing healthy, nutritious food, and using locally raised ingredients to make yummy dishes and meals. We will also take a special trip to a local organic farm to see how food is grown on a larger scale, right here in central Massachusetts!

Bring your green thumbs, adventurous spirit, and, of course, your appetite! 

August 5th-8th, 2024                      

Rising Grades K-3 & 4-6


Cost: $475

Little Spark Creative Arts @ Bancroft Summer

Little Spark Creative Arts

Come explore the arts at Little Spark Creative Arts camp! Each day, campers will get the chance to explore four different arts classes:
  • CLOMP!– This class blends music, theater, and comedy to create an original performance.
  • Mosaic Makers– Create mosaics out of glass! You’ll get to craft your own mosaic garden stepping stone.
  • Theater Squad– Create your own characters through improvisation, write a play, and then perform your original show!
  • Mixed Media Adventures– play and experiment with 2D and 3D art. This class includes sculpture, mixed media/collage, and sketchbook making!
At the end of the week, campers will showcase their hard work through performances and a gallery display of their original art!              
August 12th-16th, 2024

Rising Grades K-3 & 4-6


Cost: $495

Incrediflix @ Bancroft Summer

Back by popular demand – Bancroft Summer welcomes Incrediflix! 

IncrediFlix Summer programs are all about the fun and excitement of making movies! Children will work in age appropriate groups and go through all of the steps that Hollywood producers go through from “Action” to “That’s a Wrap!” Programs focus on creativity, cooperation, and fun fun fun! Your child will be a real filmmaker and will have a movie they created to prove it!

Visit their website to learn more! 

July 8th – 12th, 2024

Rising Grades 2-8                                                         

8:45am – 3:30pm                                                             

Cost: $525

Animation & Action Stop Motion Flix 

It’s Stop-Motion Madness! In the mornings, you’ll create up to four new stop motion movies using a different medium each day! Animate cars, film with green screen, and new for 2024 you create a 2D Mario movie, and more!

Then in the afternoons, use stop motion tricks to create fires, explosions, and even floods, as your characters can battle it out or work together to save the day in this action packed stop motion class.

Bring snacks, lunch and drink. 

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